Wednesday, March 29, 2006

New Baby!!

Don't let the headline deceive you - the baby is not ours. Laura's sister, Amy, had a baby boy (Miles) on Sunday. We're hopefully going to see him soon. I'm excited to compare Miles and Isabel. There are times when I think Isabel is still so little. I'm looking forward to a good comparison. Maybe it will make me miss having a true little baby (and then again, it may remind me of the bliss of growing up).

That Darn Tooth!

Isabel has tooth #4 (which was erroneously reported as having been in a few weeks or so ago) coming in. She's been teething about a week and no breakthrough. I am ready for snaggletooth to be gone and for the snotting and coughing to be gone. She's been a bit grumpy, so I'm sure Laura's ready for that to end too. When will the madness end???

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dad's weekend (with support) and a revelation

Laura had been planning a trip with her friend Bonnie for months now. Part of her plans included being away from Isabel, which meant it was time with dad for Isabel. We were just at my parents last weekend, but when I talked to my mom this week, I said in passing "hey, if you're bored, come down; it's just me and Iz - ha, ha." Well, I didn't think she'd take me seriously. It was Friday evening and the phone rang - it was my mom. She asked if she and dad could come down for the weekend. So, my plans to be super dad were thwarted - of which, I was perfectly fine with! :) Laura, however, was somewhat disappointed. She really wanted me to have Isabel by myself ALL weekend, so I could experience somewhat of what she goes through. It's funny, because this whole time with Isabel, Laura and I have striven to "teach" each other what one another is going through. After my mom called on Friday and Laura indicated her disappointment, I really wanted Laura to experience going to work like she used to and then come home and help with baby, home, etc. As I have reflected, maybe it's time to stop thinking like "you really need to experience what I am" and think more like "here's what I need, now what do you need?" Baby steps for everyone!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The 24 Hour Bug

I'm really tired of my family getting sick. This go-around was me - again. I just completed a full round of antibiotics on Friday and Sunday evening - BAM! I don't know what it was, but it created a 102 degree fever and I threw up (rather violently). Thank goodness it's Spring Break - not that get the week off, but things slow down this week so that when I took the day to get over being sick, I did so without freaking out about being behind. We have high schools students on campus Tuesday and Wednesday and the good news is, I should be fine. I'm just tired of sickness!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Thanks to JCPS

I would like to personally thank Jeff City Public Schools. As reported earlier, Laura was sad surrounding the circumstances of her former choir program. She would love to be in her old program teaching. But alas, just as I thought things were subsiding and possibilities in Kentucky were developing, her former Principal called to talk her into coming back. So, this is my thanks to the folks of JC public schools for opening a healing wound. Not that I'm blameless - I did drag Laura to Kentucky and I will be forever grateful for her selflessness in this matter. But seriously folks, unless you can fnd me a job, I don't think we're moving any time soon. (and no offense, but I'm thinking that neither MU is going to have a job for me nor is it in your all's ability to create one). The notion is touching and your heart-felt words are great, but I think we're sticking around for a while.

Doc Says She's Good!

The report of the day is that Isabel's check-up showed no signs of ear infection. WOO HOO! That was great. I am relieved, needless to say. Apparently, she is doing rather well. The doctor commented that she is rather alert for her age. Laura thinks the doctor is being nice - I applaud the doctor's accuracy. :)

Did I Say There Was a Fourth Tooth?

It's funny, because I swear there was a fourth tooth coming... it's still not here and my daughter looks like a bumpkin. If you've read Laura's blog (homealot link is on this page), she calls her "Snaggletooth." At any rate, I fourth tooth should be here soon - I hope.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Explosion - Round 2

I could literally cut and paste last Monday's posting about Isabel's explosion... seriously. Almost same timeline and everything. So, scroll down to that entry and imagine that it happened, again.

Enough said.

Whose Job Comes First?

As I eluded to in the previous post, Laura had so many people begging her to come back to her job. And if she were able to, I am convinced she'd be a prominent music educator in that state. It really sucks, because I want that for her. I love watching her succeed with her students. I still listen to her women's chorus performance at the state music educator's conference last January (a very big deal). So, where does that leave me?? Well, I wouldn't mind moving back at all. The problem is - there' s no job for me. My field is Ag Ed, which means there are very few universities in each state that have that program. In Missouri, there are 4 programs and the only one that's large enough to have more than one person is MU - the land grant university (which traditionally, land grants are "research extensive" university, which serve as a state "flagship" and, oh yeah, pays better). I don't foresee anyone leaving MU anytime soon, nor do I see them adding a tenure track position anytime soon. So, I would have to find a job that wouldn't utilize the 3 years of training and thousands of dollars of debt we incurred. Plus, if I wanted to break back into the profession with a tenure track position, it would be difficult - VERY difficult. Whereas, there are choir positions everywhere which gives Laura the opportunity to find something similar that she would have in Jeff City. But, that's no guarantee - at all. It really sucks because we both want to be so good in our professions. I want to give this opportunity to her so badly but, in the process, it makes me nervous that my ambition in a job I was designed for would make me miserable. What do we do?

There are some other variables in this mess, and if I had to bet money, I'm guessing we're not going anywhere. But, it still doesn't make everything all right, does it???

Road Trip!

We took a little road trip from Thursday to Sunday to Missouri so we could visit friends and so Laura could go see the high school musical where she taught (Jeff City, MO). For a while, I was NOT looking forward to the trip. I was nervous about Isabel and how she'd do on a 7 to 8 hour car ride. Once those nerves subsides, I was nervous about being away from work for two days. I had a busy month with a research conference, faculty search, and student teacher visits that things kept piling up on me. Finally, I tried to use my time effectively and efficiently and dug my way through most of my work. It was Wednesday, and I was excited to see Columbia, our former neighbors who were GREAT friends, friends from MU, and to see Laura excited around her former students again. Thursday rolled around and a persistent morning sore throat persisted past the morning and then some. I didn't feel well at all. I was tired and it was hard to swallow. I had a low-grade fever - so great, three out of three sick in February!

Well, to make a long story short, Isabel was GREAT!! We only had to stop once on the trip there and once on the trip back!! She was great around people, too. She was happy and playful and friendly. Her thumbs down moments were at night. She didn't sleep well until Saturday night. Other than that - great!!

Laura got to see her former students and I think it made her miss her job even more. It didn't help that there's drama surrounding her former program right now. Her old teaching partner has some things to deal with and her replacement is in an impossible position. So, when Laura shows up, parents and students are begging her (and me) to move back to Missouri. Needless to say, it was the rejuvenating weekend I was hoping for, for Laura.

As for me, I went to urgent care on Friday morning and was told I wasn't contagious. The doctor thought it was just my drainage causing some infection. I got a prescription and we continued with plans. I really enjoyed being back at MU - I forgot how "homey" the old office was and how much I enjoyed hanging around those folks. By that evening, I had a higher fever, which broke quickly. Saturday, I was still tired but feeling better and Sunday was similar. We came home last night and I checked out the back of my throat - WHITE SPOTS. Not good. This morning, I checked it out with the doctor. They took a throat culture and gave me stronger antibiotics. We'll see what this is about, I guess.

Monday, February 20, 2006

My Daughter Exploded

Seriously, she did. I was cleaning the kitchen while Isabel was sitting in her high chair. I knew she had pushed something out, but she seemed content. So, I finished cleaning, picked her up and whisked her upstairs for a diaper change. I put Isabel on the changing table and noticed my sweatshirt was wet... and it wasn't pee. When I looked down her pants were soaked - again, not pee. As I start to unravel the mystery (and yelling for Laura to help) I saw what was the consistency of very, very fine cole slaw - and it was yellow-ish green. Conveniently, Laura had to leave for choir practice, so I was stuck with the duty (and the doody). I was raised on a pig farm and even I thought this was foul.

The good news of the day is that Isabel's doctor said her infection is going away and that she seemed on the uphill swing. I can't wait to stop giving her antibiotics - I am certain this is causing the toxic waste we've been experiencing.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

She's Feeling Better, We Think

Isabel's general disposition has improved. She's been happier - like her old self. She hasn't been sleeping the best, but for now, we're attributing to the fact that she's been pooping every 3 hours due to the medication. Today, she's been kind of sleepy. It makes us nervous, but she has a follow-up appointment tomorrow, so hopefully the doctor will tell us she's doing fine. We have a trip this week and we definitely don't want a sick child, nor do we want her to relapse.