Monday, February 20, 2006

My Daughter Exploded

Seriously, she did. I was cleaning the kitchen while Isabel was sitting in her high chair. I knew she had pushed something out, but she seemed content. So, I finished cleaning, picked her up and whisked her upstairs for a diaper change. I put Isabel on the changing table and noticed my sweatshirt was wet... and it wasn't pee. When I looked down her pants were soaked - again, not pee. As I start to unravel the mystery (and yelling for Laura to help) I saw what was the consistency of very, very fine cole slaw - and it was yellow-ish green. Conveniently, Laura had to leave for choir practice, so I was stuck with the duty (and the doody). I was raised on a pig farm and even I thought this was foul.

The good news of the day is that Isabel's doctor said her infection is going away and that she seemed on the uphill swing. I can't wait to stop giving her antibiotics - I am certain this is causing the toxic waste we've been experiencing.


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