Monday, February 27, 2006

Road Trip!

We took a little road trip from Thursday to Sunday to Missouri so we could visit friends and so Laura could go see the high school musical where she taught (Jeff City, MO). For a while, I was NOT looking forward to the trip. I was nervous about Isabel and how she'd do on a 7 to 8 hour car ride. Once those nerves subsides, I was nervous about being away from work for two days. I had a busy month with a research conference, faculty search, and student teacher visits that things kept piling up on me. Finally, I tried to use my time effectively and efficiently and dug my way through most of my work. It was Wednesday, and I was excited to see Columbia, our former neighbors who were GREAT friends, friends from MU, and to see Laura excited around her former students again. Thursday rolled around and a persistent morning sore throat persisted past the morning and then some. I didn't feel well at all. I was tired and it was hard to swallow. I had a low-grade fever - so great, three out of three sick in February!

Well, to make a long story short, Isabel was GREAT!! We only had to stop once on the trip there and once on the trip back!! She was great around people, too. She was happy and playful and friendly. Her thumbs down moments were at night. She didn't sleep well until Saturday night. Other than that - great!!

Laura got to see her former students and I think it made her miss her job even more. It didn't help that there's drama surrounding her former program right now. Her old teaching partner has some things to deal with and her replacement is in an impossible position. So, when Laura shows up, parents and students are begging her (and me) to move back to Missouri. Needless to say, it was the rejuvenating weekend I was hoping for, for Laura.

As for me, I went to urgent care on Friday morning and was told I wasn't contagious. The doctor thought it was just my drainage causing some infection. I got a prescription and we continued with plans. I really enjoyed being back at MU - I forgot how "homey" the old office was and how much I enjoyed hanging around those folks. By that evening, I had a higher fever, which broke quickly. Saturday, I was still tired but feeling better and Sunday was similar. We came home last night and I checked out the back of my throat - WHITE SPOTS. Not good. This morning, I checked it out with the doctor. They took a throat culture and gave me stronger antibiotics. We'll see what this is about, I guess.


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