Monday, February 27, 2006

Whose Job Comes First?

As I eluded to in the previous post, Laura had so many people begging her to come back to her job. And if she were able to, I am convinced she'd be a prominent music educator in that state. It really sucks, because I want that for her. I love watching her succeed with her students. I still listen to her women's chorus performance at the state music educator's conference last January (a very big deal). So, where does that leave me?? Well, I wouldn't mind moving back at all. The problem is - there' s no job for me. My field is Ag Ed, which means there are very few universities in each state that have that program. In Missouri, there are 4 programs and the only one that's large enough to have more than one person is MU - the land grant university (which traditionally, land grants are "research extensive" university, which serve as a state "flagship" and, oh yeah, pays better). I don't foresee anyone leaving MU anytime soon, nor do I see them adding a tenure track position anytime soon. So, I would have to find a job that wouldn't utilize the 3 years of training and thousands of dollars of debt we incurred. Plus, if I wanted to break back into the profession with a tenure track position, it would be difficult - VERY difficult. Whereas, there are choir positions everywhere which gives Laura the opportunity to find something similar that she would have in Jeff City. But, that's no guarantee - at all. It really sucks because we both want to be so good in our professions. I want to give this opportunity to her so badly but, in the process, it makes me nervous that my ambition in a job I was designed for would make me miserable. What do we do?

There are some other variables in this mess, and if I had to bet money, I'm guessing we're not going anywhere. But, it still doesn't make everything all right, does it???


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