Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dad's weekend (with support) and a revelation

Laura had been planning a trip with her friend Bonnie for months now. Part of her plans included being away from Isabel, which meant it was time with dad for Isabel. We were just at my parents last weekend, but when I talked to my mom this week, I said in passing "hey, if you're bored, come down; it's just me and Iz - ha, ha." Well, I didn't think she'd take me seriously. It was Friday evening and the phone rang - it was my mom. She asked if she and dad could come down for the weekend. So, my plans to be super dad were thwarted - of which, I was perfectly fine with! :) Laura, however, was somewhat disappointed. She really wanted me to have Isabel by myself ALL weekend, so I could experience somewhat of what she goes through. It's funny, because this whole time with Isabel, Laura and I have striven to "teach" each other what one another is going through. After my mom called on Friday and Laura indicated her disappointment, I really wanted Laura to experience going to work like she used to and then come home and help with baby, home, etc. As I have reflected, maybe it's time to stop thinking like "you really need to experience what I am" and think more like "here's what I need, now what do you need?" Baby steps for everyone!


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